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Prime Division

Training and qualification of new professional figures

The PRIME Division of Geko Gold Care allows everyone, without distinction, to try their hand at their Qualified
Entrepreneurial Project for the marketing of Pure Physical Investment Gold.

A new way of doing business, a new independent profession, with the support of ‘High Profile Coaching’, which makes even the first approaches economically productive.

Ongoing support and qualified training.

Meritocratic responsibility, career (and income).
For those who want to discover and make known the world of Pure Physical Gold, enjoying the many advantages.

PRIME Division

Training and qualification of new professionals for the distribution of Pure Physical Gold for investment through the 4Change Network.

PRIVATE Division

Support and support dedicated to already professionals in the investment sector (Financial Advisors, Private Bankers, Brokers, Financial Advisors) to operate in the world of Pure Physical Gold for investment.


It facilitates and assists companies and financial-insurance organizations by providing, "turnkey", the necessary and specific know-how to make their commercial structures immediately operational.