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Private Division

Pure investment gold for professionals

The PRIVATE Division of Careisgold allows the clients of financial consultants, private bankers, agents of the
insurance sector and all professionals who deal with family and / or corporate assets, to own Pure Physical Investment Gold.


Not only banks and financial institutions: today families and entrepreneurs also want to enter the world of Pure Physical Gold and benefit from the many advantages.
We make our organization available to provide all the necessary answers to the clients of the professionals, towards whom we are aimed and in which this division is specialized, to surprise you with the privileges we guarantee.

We ensure maximum transparency and confidentiality.

The activity of Geko Gold Care is not competitive with financial and insurance products and can therefore be complementary.

PRIME Division

Training and qualification of new professionals for the distribution of Pure Physical Gold for investment through the 4Change Network.

PRIVATE Division

Support and support dedicated to already professionals in the investment sector (Financial Advisors, Private Bankers, Brokers, Financial Advisors) to operate in the world of Pure Physical Gold for investment.


It facilitates and assists companies and financial-insurance organizations by providing, "turnkey", the necessary and specific know-how to make their commercial structures immediately operational.