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The Group

Sale of shelter goods

Geko Gold Care is a joint-stock company of the Geko Holding Group , which has been involved for over 10 years in the care
of people’s well-being, understood as the protection and protection of families, their capital and their future. Over the years it has been projected towards the sale of safe-haven assets through Careisgold Spa, a joint-stock company
with € 2,000,000.00 of fully paid-up share capital, Professional Operator in Gold and Banco Metalli.

PRIME Division

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PRIVATE Division

Support and support dedicated to investment professionals (financial consultants, private bankers, brokers, financial promoters) to operate in the world of pure physical investment gold.



Facilitation and assistance of companies and financial-insurance organizations with the turnkey solution, necessary and specific know-how to make their commercial structures immediately operational.


Everyone has the opportunity to invest in a concrete and tangible asset such as physical Pure Gold, the prince of safe-haven assets.
What he will keep – in the long run – is his worth of himself, as he has always done and will continue to do.