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The importance of being a metal dealer

The importance of being a metal dealer

Geko Gold Care is registered in the register of the Bank of Italy as a Professional Gold Operator and as Banco Metalli, a commercial activity that has obtained a specific authorization from the Bank of Italy for the wholesale sale of gold and precious metals.


Legal requirements

This activity is defined by Law number 7 of 17/01/2000, which indicates the strict legal requirements to be able to obtain authorization to exercise the activity from the Bank of Italy.

In particular:
– The legal form must have a fully paid-up share capital and not less than 120,000 euros.
– The purpose of the company must be clearly indicated in the corporate purpose: the purchase and sale of gold and other precious materials used.
– The participants in the share capital, as well as the directors of the company and the employees who hold the position of technical or commercial director, must have the characteristic of good repute.

Realization of investment gold

The Metals Banks can also offer services to sector operators.
The main activities include the collection of used gold and silver. Once collected, Banco Metalli are the only ones authorized for the fusion and subsequent creation of investment gold and silver in the form of collector coins or ingots.
This commercial activity is also suitable for the examination and analysis of the purity and carat weight of the precious items purchased, a service not available elsewhere.