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A natural chemical element, Gold is a soft and malleable metal, present in nature in the form of nuggets, grains and
flakes in rocks and alluvial deposits, often alloyed with other metals.
Pure gold is pure gold only when 995/1000 does not contain other metals and is defined as “24 carat” .

Good delivery certification

Choosing Geko Gold Care means choosing certified products. The bars sold by Geko Gold Care come, in fact, from refineries that have obtained the important Good Delivery certification. This is issued by the London Bullion Market Association and sets a standard in order to increase the transparency and liquidity of the market. 

Geko Gold Bars comply with all standard characteristics and guarantee specific and identifiable quality requirements allowing professional buyers to accept new Gold bars without verifying the actual quantity of precious metal contained in the ingot. Consequently, the usability of Gold becomes easier and more immediate in financial transactions and constitutes a universal payment currency, accepted anywhere in the world.

Do you know the difference between physical and financial gold?

Gold distinguishes between financial and physical.

Financial gold, both paper and speculative, is used by investors for short-term portfolio management and is represented by certificates, paper contracts of financial instruments linked to the price of gold, instruments listed on the stock exchange. Its value can undergo sudden price fluctuations due to decisions made by market managers.

Pure Physical Gold, solid and tangible, marketed in the form of ingots, plaques and coins, is used all over the world by private individuals, large banks and institutional bodies for medium-long term management of their portfolios.